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Apparatus and method for applying heat-sensitive adhesive tape, such as frontal diaper tape, of the type having a layer of heat sensitive adhesive material to a web moving at high speed, such as a web of water-resistant material designed for use as the outer layer of disposable diapers. The apparatus comprises a tape-feed wheel for preheating and feeding the tape to the apparatus from a supply of generally continuous tape, and a tape-applying wheel in rolling engagement with the web for applying tape fed to it from the tape-feed wheel to the web. The tape-applying wheel includes vacuum passageways for providing suction through a circumferential surface of the tape-applying wheel to hold the tape thereon, and a heating mechanism for heating the tape to an elevated temperature at which the heat-sensitive adhesive is tacky and for maintaining the tape at the elevated temperature until it is applied to the web. Successive end portions of the tape are cut against the tape-applying wheel into pieces to be applied to the web, and each successive piece of tape cut from the tape is accelerated by the tape-applying wheel from the relatively slow velocity of the tape-feed wheel to the relatively fast velocity of the web and applied to the web.

Apparatus and method for applying heat-sensitive adhesive tape to a web moving at high speed
Application Number
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August 31, 1988
Publication Date
June 4, 1991
Douglas A Swenson
Stephen W Bauer
Walter N Kirn
Donald M Sell
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
B65C 9/25
B32B 31/10
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