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The present invention relates to a collapsible trash container that holds a plastic grocery bag in an open position inside the container so that the plastic bag may be loaded with trash. The container is substantially rectangular having a base, four sidewalls terminating in an open top, and two detachable handle elements having inverted U-shaped slots. A pair of bag-engaging tab members protrude vertically from the free edges of a pair of opposing sidewalls. The handles of a plastic bag are arrayed about these tabs to hold the bag in an open position. The preferred embodiment of the present invention further includes a hingably mounted cover that may be opened when the container is being loaded and closed when the container is not being loaded.

Bag support
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February 6, 1990
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May 28, 1991
Don Miller
500 SW. 64 Ave., Miami, 33144
Krass & Young
B65D 90/04
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