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A home video system comprising a headend system, a transmission channel, a trap, a converter, descrambling equipment, receiving equipment, and requesting equipment. The headend equipment includes program equipment, interface equipment, protection equipment, scrambling equipment, and processor equipment. A transmission channel has a large capacity for a broadcast signal. The broadcast signal includes a plurality of standard signals occupying a first set of channels and a plurality of special signals occupying a second set of channels. The program equipment originates the braodcast signal. The interface equipment is coupled between the program equipment and the transmission channel, and interfaces the broadcast signal from the program equipment with the transmission channel. The protection equipment prevents recording of a first set of special signals. The scrambling equipment scrambles a second set of special signals. The processor tracks pay-per-view subscriber usage of the home video system.

Home video system
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June 16, 1989
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May 14, 1991
Thomas R Terry
4 Mondale Circle, Hummelstown, 17036
James R Stubbs
771 Erford Rd., Camp Hill, 17011
David B Newman Jr & Associates
H04N 7/167
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