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An apparatus and method for treating well water to remove dissolved minerals and entrained gases. An aerator is disposed within a well, the aerator being located being the frost line and the water table. Water from the reservoir within the well and/or from the associated pressure tank is directed through the aerator so that the aerator will cause gases such as hydrogen sulfide to be released from the water, and will also cause dissolved iron and manganese to oxidize and precipitate out of the water so that the quality of the water within the reservoir is substantially improved. The water flow through the aerator will preferably be controlled by the operation of a solenoid operated valve which may in turn be operated by a timer to cause periodic recycling of the water through the aerator and back into the reservoir.

Apparatus and method for treating well water
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June 8, 1989
Publication Date
May 14, 1991
Anthony Fricano
3885 Luther Rd., Silver Springs, 14550
Hodgson Russ Andrews Woods & Goodyear
B01D 19/00
B01D 21/30
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