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A melodic candle assembly having a generally cylindrical wax body seated in the top of a tubular base. The wax body has an axial wick. Adjacent the wick is a thermoresponsive member comprising a thin piezoelectric strip with metal films on opposite sides thereof which serve as electrodes. An electronic circuit in the base has an integrated circuit comprising a memory stage containing prerecorded signals representing audible sounds. A loudspeaker in circuit with the memory stage reproduces the audible sounds when activated. The thermoresponsive member is connected to the electronic circuit and applies thereto a piezoelectrically generated voltage when the candle is ignited to thereby trigger the memory stage and activate the loudspeaker. When the candle flame is extinguished, the audible sounds are stopped.

Melodic candle assembly
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 1, 1990
Publication Date
May 14, 1991
Che Cheol Lee
No. 305, 119-dong, Chugong A.P.T., Gayemjong-dong, Changwon
Edward H Loveman
F23D 3/16
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