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An activated sludge sewage treatment process wherein sewage is received into a sewage treating basin in first zone into which activated sludge is mixed and retained for a period sufficient to form a non-bulking sludge and absorb biodegradable dissolved compounds into the activated sludge, and aerated and subjected to a quiescent condition to permit settling of the sludge in a zone characterized in that it has less than approximately twenty percent of the biochemical oxygen demand of the original sewage and where in the sludge is non-bulking, decanting treated sewage from the upper portion of the basin after allowing the sludge to settle, and cyclically repeating the process, anaerobically fermenting the influent sewage, and recycling anaerobically fermented partially treated sewage to the input of the influent sewage is disclosed.

Biological nutrient removal with sludge bulking control in a batch activated sludge system
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July 20, 1988
Publication Date
May 7, 1991
Mervyn C Goronszy
8/106 Young Street, Cremorne, New South Wales-2090
Grant L Hubbard
C02F 3/30
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