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A soft tissue anchor involving a footing stud that includes a drill end followed by self tapping threads, the footing stud arranged for turning and tapping into a bone mass. The footing stud for endosteal seating at a ligament attachment site on that bone mass. A center longitudinal hole is arranged in that footing stud rear end that receives and locks to a pointed cone base end edge of a tack that is fitted therein. The tack includes a tack shaft whereto is axially attached, on one end, the pointed cone base with a broad head secured to the other shaft end. The tack broad head is disk shaped and includes spikes that project at spaced radial intervals from the undersurface thereof, parallel to the shaft, and includes a center axial threaded post that extends outwardly from a top surface thereof. Which threaded post is for turning into a threaded end of a tack driver. The tack pointed cone is for passing through a ligament, or the like, and locking in the footing stud, in which configuration the spikes that extend from the undersurface of the broad head spikes have penetrated the ligament and the ligament is held and compressed tightly against the bone surface.

Soft tissue anchor system
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March 26, 1990
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May 7, 1991
W Karl Somers
651 N. 150 West, Logan, 84321
E Marlowe Goble
850 E. 1200 North, Logan, 84321
M Reid Russell
A61F 2/08
A61F 5/04
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