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A vascular catheter system comprises an outer flexible tube, an inner flexible tube disposed in the lumen of the outer flexible tube, and an expandable body mounted at the distal end of the third flexible tube disposed in the lumen of the inner flexible tube. The catheter system is suitable for percutaneous introduction to a blood vessel where the distal end may be located proximate a region of clot or thrombus. By extending the expandable body through the region of clot or thrombus, the obstructing material may be dislodged from the blood vessel wall and drawn toward the open distal end of the inner tube. The inner tube includes an expandable tip which will open to extend substantially across the blood vessel. In this way, the expandable tip will be positioned to collect all of the dislodged clot and thrombus. By withdrawing both the inner tube and the expandable body back into the outer flexible tube, the catheter system may be withdrawn from the patient without appreciable loss of the clot or thrombus.

Thrombus extraction system
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August 20, 1990
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April 30, 1991
Robert Ginsburg
2489 Alpine Rd., Menlo Park, 94025
Townsend and Townsend
A61M 25/00
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