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The present invention relates to a surgical implant designed to prevent mutual contact between vertebrae during flexions of the vertebral column, an implant which consists of an insert (1) shaped and dimensioned so that it can be inserted, in its longitudinal direction, between the vertebral spines (A) of at least two successive vertebrae (V), the said insert comprising or being associated with retaining means (L) designed to hold it in place on the vertebrae, at the same time permitting the mutual separation of the latter.

Advantageously, the insert (1) has longitudinal grooves (2, 3) dimensioned to receive, with a certain amount of play, a corresponding vertebral spine (A), and the retaining means are constituted by a ligament (L) passing through transverse pierced holes, preferably two inclined, cross pierces holes (8), in the insert, and interlacing around the vertebral spines (A).

Utilization to remove painful complaints of the spinal nerves, in particular sciatica.

Surgical implant for restricting the relative movement of vertebrae
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October 10, 1989
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April 30, 1991
Francis H Breard
13, rue Friant, 75014 Paris
Gerald E Hespos
Anthony J Casella
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