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An intravascular electrode lead usable for cardiac defibrillation comprises a lead body (11) and an electrode arrangement (12) carried by said lead body and insertable into an atrial or ventricular room, said electrode arrangement comprising a number of elongate flexible electrodes (13). The electrodes (13) are anchored to the lead body (11) adjacent to each other at their one ends. For the rest, they are resiliently movable in relation to the lead body (11) from laterally retracted positions, in which they are located adjacent to each other, to laterally expanded positions, in which they may bear resiliently against the surrounding wall (22) of said room.

Intravascular electrode lead usable for cardiac defibrillation
Application Number
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Application Date
September 7, 1989
Publication Date
April 30, 1991
Knut O Edhag
Sandstensvagen 11, Bromma
Fleit Jacobson Cohn Price Holman & Stern
A61N 1/05
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