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A crimpless coaxial cable connector is provided which can be secured to a cable simply by pushing the cable into the connector and subsequently pulling it back. The body of the connector has a bushing mounted within it near the cable receiving end having a diameter to closely receive the cable. The body of the connector also has within it an annular mandrel having a bore to receive the stripped core of the cable, and having a sleeve adapted to engage the cable beneath the jacket by pushing the cable and the mandrel together. This stretches the jacket of the cable to a diameter greater than the internal diameter of the bushing. The mandrel is movable from a position in which the sleeve is ot surrounded by the bushing in which the sleeve may be engaged to the cable, to a position in which the sleeve is at least partially within the bushing in which the jacket is frictionally engaged by the bushing, by pulling the cable away from the connector after it has been pushed onto the mandrel sleeve. Preferably, the mandrel is displaced to further tighten the frictional engagement of the jacket by the bushing by screwing the connector onto a threaded coupling unit.

Crimpless coaxial cable connector with pull back cable engagement
Application Number
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June 1, 1990
Publication Date
April 16, 1991
Albert Stirling
Rogers Bereskin & Parr
Stirling Connectors
H01R 13/00
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