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An endotracheal breathing tube for use in surgical operations is equipped with a light emitting device adjacent its distal end to reside within the patient's trachea during use and with a compatible photosensitive detector positionable outside the patient's body in contact with the neck to intercept light transmitted from the light emitting device for performing accurate oximetry measurements and calculations of the patients's arterial blood oxygen saturation. In one embodiment, a light emitting diode is affixed to the distal portion of the tube body. In another embodiment, an optical fiber extends from a light emitting diode outside the patient's body through the tube to a fiber terminus at the distal location on the tube body.

Endotracheal tube with oximetry means
Application Number
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July 20, 1990
Publication Date
April 9, 1991
Dale C Buchanan
4217 Horseshoe Bend, Matthews, 28105
Shefte Pinckney & Sawyer
A61M 16/04
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