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A removable endo-arterial device intended to repair detachments in arterial walls which includes a deformable cuff made of netting of interlocked wires and fixed to the distal end of a catheter, the other end of which is equipped with a funnel. The device also includes a stiff wire extending over the entire length of the catheter and attached to the distal end of said deformable cuff. When this wire is pulled, the cuff is dilated and applies itself against the arterial wall. Preferably, an inflatable balloon is disposed within the cuff to facilitate the expansion thereof. One application of the invention is the repair of flaps of arterial wal which are detached during the course of an intervention correcting a stenosis with an inflatable balloon.

Method of using removable endo-arterial devices to repair detachments in the arterial walls
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December 13, 1988
Publication Date
March 12, 1991
Gerard L Delsanti
15 Les Helianthes, 13390 Auriol
Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht
A61M 29/00
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