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A camera for providing a composite image on a photographic film of a data card and a person associated with the data so that an identification card having both images thereon may be formed with no clear boundary existing between the two images. The data is focused by a first lens and directed onto a focusing screen, while the person to be photographed is focused by a second lens and directed onto the focusing screen, the image formed on the focusing screen being a composite real image of the two images and is focused by a third lens onto the film when the shutter between the film and the third lens is opened. The first and second lenses direct the respective image through respective vignetters onto the focusing screen by means of a beam splitter which transmits a portion of each image and reflects a portion of each image. The first and second lens are offset from each other, the first lens focusing the image of the data card inserted into the camera onto the mirror which reflects it to the beam splitter. The focusing screen may have preapplied identification information which would be included on the identification card.

Floating image camera
Application Number
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Application Date
December 11, 1989
Publication Date
February 19, 1991
Ehsan S Marandi
Alan Ruderman
Beattie Systems
G03B 17/24
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