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An artificial heart valve is designed to fit into a blood vessel when a patient is too weak to undergo open heart surgery. The valve has a disk shaped flap valve threaded on a bent wire which may be anchored in a blood vessel. One embodiment uses a clip anchor which is bent into somewhat the shape of a safety pin. Another embodiment uses a STENT as the anchor. The wire snags on the wall of the blood vessel in order to keep the valve from migrating through the blood vessel. The flap valve opens and closes under the pressure of blood which is ebbing and flowing responsive to a pumping heart.

Artificial heart valve for implantation in a blood vessel
Application Number
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April 21, 1989
Publication Date
February 19, 1991
Richard L Dobben
6355 N. 600 West, Michigan City, 46360
Laff Whitesel Conte & Saret
A61F 2/24
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