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A method for establishing a percutaneous cannula insertion in which a hypodermic need is inserted into a selected vessel and thereafter a guide wire is threaded through the needle, so that upon the removal of the needle from the guide wire, a dilator sleeve may be moved along the guide wire until the dilator sleeve is inserted into the vessel, and thereafter a sheath is moved along the guide wire and over the dilator sleeve so that upon removal of the dilator sleeve from the guide wire the sheath may be compressed to prevent escape of fluid through the sheath and a cannula may be inserted into the sheath along the guide wire.

Percutaneous femoral bypass system
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October 19, 1989
Publication Date
February 19, 1991
Edward M Farrell
P.O. Box 539, Tyler, 75710
Pravel Gambrell Hewitt Kimball & Krieger
A61M 31/00
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