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A game feeder includes a feed container having a funnel shaped outlet immediately above a distributor mounted for rotation on the end of a motor shaft. When the motor runs, the plate spins and broadcasts feed around the feeder. The distributor includes an inlet having a member extending across the path of movement of feed from the container outlet toward the distributor. When the distributor turns, any trash extending down from the container outlet is cut or abraded by the spinning member. The distributor includes one or more outlets having a swinging gate providing a closure for the outlet in a stopped or resting condition of the motor and preventing movement of feed unless the motor is running. When the motor turns and the distributor spins, the gate opens by centrifugal force allowing feed to pass through the distributor outlet.

Game feeder and improved distributor
Application Number
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Application Date
April 10, 1990
Publication Date
January 22, 1991
E Ray Brumley
Rte. 3, Box 283, Huntsville, 77340
Charles F Reneau
2124 Marnel, Houston, 77055
G Turner Moller
A01K 39/01
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