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A method of reversibly occluding a biological tube is provided as well as a related apparatus. The method includes providing an occluding member to be introduced into or around a biological tube thereby blocking flow through the tube. When it is desired to eliminate such blockage, shock wave lithotripsy or other energy is employed to fragment the occluding member and thus eliminate its blockage of the biological tube. The related occluding device comprises an occluding member having an inner core of a first rigid material encapsulated in an outer shell comprised of a flexible second material. The first will fragment when struck by shock waves. The device may be either a plug-type device or a C-shaped clamp.

Method and apparatus for reversibly occluding a biological tube
Application Number
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January 3, 1990
Publication Date
January 8, 1991
Gerald L Wolf
100 Denniston St. #77, Pittsburgh, 15206-4043
Rita M Rooney
Arnold B Silverman
A61B 17/00
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