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The invention provides a rope splicing apparatus having an elongated tool portion including a main portion, a tip portion and a transitional portion. The main portion comprises a pair of straight and parallel main rod portions which are spaced apart at a main portion width along the length thereof. The tip portion comprises a generally U-shaped rod portion having a bend portion and leg portions which are spaced apart at a width narrower than the main portion width. The transitional portion has a pair of short rod portions flaring outwardly from the tip portion to interconnect the main rod portion to form a unitary tool. The tip portion is of a size which can penetrate strands of a single or dual braid rope to draw portions of the rope therethrough. The apparatus is used to practice a method of splicing such ropes to form eye splices, and marriage splices, with less difficulty than using conventional fids.

Rope slicing apparatus and method
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December 11, 1989
Publication Date
December 4, 1990
Boris Spralja
3971 Charles Street, Burnaby, British Columbia
Shlesinger & Myers
D07B 7/18
D04C 1/12
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