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A method of modifying the reflectivity and emissivity of a surface of a material comprises the steps of irradiating the surface with a beam of coherent pulsed radiation at a power sufficient to generate a surface plasma and scanning said beam across said surface. Successive pulses of radiation are caused to overlap and chemical change at the surface is promoted by provision of a localized atmosphere. The surface produced has features on a scale of less than 50 microns and is restricted to a depth of less than 10.sup.-3 cm. The body of the material is not affected.

Laser surface treatment
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February 28, 1989
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November 20, 1990
Grant Kinsman
2 Assiniboine Road, Apt. 722, Downsview, Ontario
Walter W Duley
98 McClure Drive, King City, Ontario
Fleit Jacobson Cohn Price Holman & Stern
B23K 26/00
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