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In a method of recognizing an irradiation field, image signals at their respective positions on a recording medium carrying a radiation image stored thereon are detected from image information obtained by image read-out. A difference image constituted by difference values between the image signals is created and scanned in one direction to detect sections each intercepted between a difference value not smaller than a threshold value +Th and a difference value not larger than -Th on each scanning line. Or, the difference image is scanned in two or more directions to detect ranges each comprising a group of the intercepted sections on the scanning lines in each of the scanning directions. The total of the sections or a region formed based on the ranges is the irradiation field. In a method of adjusting the image processing conditions, the image processing conditions are adjusted based on the image information inside of the recognized irradiation field.

Irradiation field recognizing method, and method of adjusting image processing conditions using the same
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November 25, 1987
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November 13, 1990
Takeshi Funahashi
Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas
Fuji Photo Film
G01N 23/04
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