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A method and apparatus for the fixation of osteoporotic bones and especially vertebral body compression fractures, Colles' fractures and fractures of the proximal humerus. The method of the present invention includes a series of steps including penetrating the bone having the fracture with a guide pin, drilling the osteoporotic bone marrow of the bone to enlarge the cavity to be treated, following which a bone specific inflatable device is inserted in the cavity and inflated. The expansion of the device causes a compacting of the osteoporotic bone marrow against the inner surface of the outer wall of the bone to be treated to further enlarge the cavity. When this occurs, a flowable synthetic bone material or methyl methacrylate cement is directed into the cavity and allowed to set to a hardened condition. Following this, the instruments are removed. In the fixation of vertebral body fractures, an elliptical inflatable device is first used to initiate the compacting of the osteoporotic bone marrow, following which a checker-shaped inflatable device is inserted into the cavity to further compact the osteoporotic bone marrow in all directions. In the fixation of Colles' fractures and proximal humerus fractures, a gourd-shaped inflatable device is used to compact the osteoporotic bone marrow.

Surgical protocol for fixation of osteoporotic bone using inflatable device
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February 9, 1989
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November 13, 1990
Mark A Reiley
333 63rd St., Oakland, 94618
Arie Scholten
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Townsend and Townsend
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