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An apparatus for storing and combining at least two discreetly stored chemical compositions to form a mixture or a reaction product and to dispense the mixture or reaction product therefrom. The apparatus comprises at least a first receptacle and a second receptacle, each configured for operation with a corresponding aerosol valve and a connecting bridge member configured for operative gas-tight association with each aerosol valve. The first receptacle contains a first component, stored therein under a substantially positive internal pressure, which is permitted to flow along a path extending through the bridge member into the second receptacle wherein it is mixed or reacted with the second component and subsequently sprayed through a spray nozzle located at an end of the bridge member. A method for using an apparatus of the type described above which comprises aligning a 3 way valve within the bridge member to form a transfer groove connecting the receptacles; exerting a force upon the bridge member to simultaneously open the valves of each receptacle to permit the first component to enter the second receptacle; realigning the 3 way valve to communicate the second receptacle with the spray nozzle and pressing the bridge member down to open the valve upon the second receptacle, thereby permitting the contents thereof to be dispensed through the nozzle as an aerosol spray.

Aerosol sprayer device and method of using same
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September 25, 1989
Publication Date
November 13, 1990
Alain Behar
Pennie & Edmonds
Societe Francaise d Aerosol et de Bouchage
B65D 83/14
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