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The conveyor apparatus is connecting a cutter, by means of which sheet metal blanks are produced in adjacent rows, to the magazine of a can welding apparatus which produces from the sheet metal blanks can bodies. A row of adjacently arranged depositing receptacles for receipt of at least one sheet metal blank each is located along the cutter on a frame. Two conveyor chains having dogs move along the depositing receptacles of which each presents a bottom surface which rises in the direction of transport such that the dogs push the sheet metal blanks from one to the next depositing receptacle and accordingly collect the sheet metal blanks out of all depositing receptacles such to form a pile at the end. Such pile is taken over at the end of the path of transport of the conveyer chains by a further conveyer means in form of elastically supported pawls. These pawls push the pile on a slanted rising slideway in a timed fashion by a certain span of the path of transport and are moved oscillatingly and are pressed under the pile during their reverse movement. By means of the pawls the staple is moved into a turn-over apparatus which includes two disk wheels which move rotatingly in slots in the slideway after a respective pile of sheet metal blanks has been pushed into radially extending slots in the two disk wheels. After a rotation of 180.degree. each pile has been turned over and is transported on the adjoining slideway by further pawls, of which a plurality is provided along the slideway, into the magazine. The turn-over apparatus is only facultatively present for the case that printed sheet metal blanks must be turned over.

Conveyor apparatus for the transport of sheet metal blanks
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June 2, 1989
Publication Date
November 6, 1990
Peter Schreiber
Jakob Muller
Laurence R Brown
B65G 15/00
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