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A method of making an integrated, microminiature, electric-to-fluidic valve. The method comprises, in one embodiment, anisotropically etching a cavity in a silicon wafer to form a thin membrane at the bottom of a trench. Then a second wafer is etched to form an exit path surrounded by a valve seat positioned such that when these two wafers are sandwiched together, the valve seat lies under the membrane. An input passageway joining a manifold cavity formed around the valve seat is then etched in the surface of the second wafer which will mate with the diaphragm side of the first wafer. The two wafers are then bonded together after suitable alignment. A third pyrex wafer is then coated with a resistor material which will be over the cavity in the first wafer when the first and third wafers are bonded together. Conductive leads and wire attach pads are also formed. Finally, a fill hole is etched into the third wafer over the position of the cavity such that the cavity can be filled. The first and third wafers are then bonded together to complete the valve.

Method of making an integrated, microminiature electric-to-fluidic valve
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October 26, 1988
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October 30, 1990
Mark Zdeblick
Mountain View
Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel
Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford University
C03C 15/00
C23F 1/02
B44C 1/22
H01L 21/306
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