04966297 is referenced by 73 patents and cites 12 patents.

A food and beverage snack tray comprising a substantially flat tray bottom having an inclined peripheral side wall extending upwardly from the periphery thereof including a beverage container receptacle and food receiving area separated by an arcuate separator element and a pair of digit slots formed in the inclined peripheral side wall to selectively receive the thumb and index finger of a user's hand to permit the user to grasp a beverage container disposed within the beverage container receptacle adjacent the digit slots and to receive food in the food receiving area isolating the food from the beverage while holding the food and beverage snack tray.

Food and beverage snack tray
Application Number
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Application Date
February 14, 1990
Publication Date
October 30, 1990
Robert W Doty
536 N. Spoonbill Dr., Sarasota, 33577
A W Fisher III
A47G 23/06
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