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A probe card provides an interconnection between pads on an integrated circuit chip and leads on a printed circuit board to test the chip operability. The card includes a dielectric substrate having a substantially planar surface and at least one channel disposed in such surface in a particular direction. Electrically conductive material is disposed in the channel to contact a conductive, preferably resilient, probe having a first portion disposed in the channel in abutting relationship with the planar surface on the support. Detents are provided in mating relationship in the channel and on the support to position the probe precisely in the channel. A second probe portion extends from the first portion at an angle to the first portion. A probe tip is at the end of the second portion to contact a pad on the chip. Additional detents may be provided on the support, either (a) in or (b) displaced from the channel and on the first portion of the probe to facilitate the precise positioning of the probe in the particular direction. A first electrical contact may be disposed on the planar surface of the support to engage a second contact on the second portion of the probe when the probe tip engages the chip pad with a particular force. The probe may be extended between the planar and opposite surfaces of the probe to provide a connector terminal for passing large currents through the probe. A spring terminal may also be coupled to the support to engage the probe and an associated lead on the board at opposite ends.

Probe card for integrated circuit chip
Application Number
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October 11, 1989
Publication Date
October 23, 1990
Dale T Trenary
San Jose
Joseph P Abate
Charles H Schartz Schwartz
Ellsworth R Roston
General Signal Corporation
G01R 1/06
G01R 31/02
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