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An analytical test strip has a flexible blister (12) thermoformed in a sheet plastics member (22), and a diaphragm (34) which closes the blister to create a reservoir for holding a reagent and/or carrier liquid (32). The sheet plastics member (22) is further formed with one or two spikes (28) the or each of which is disposed within the blister and extends in a reentrant manner towards the diaphragm where it terminates at a point. For use of the dispenser the blister is pinched by finger pressure applied by the user to cause the spike or spikes to puncture the diaphragm and release the reagent and/or carried liquid which then soaks along an absorbent layer (40) until it reaches a viewing window (20). The test substance, particularly a liquid, is applied to the absorbent layer at a cavity (16), and combines with the reagent and/or carrier liquid as it moves to the viewing window. If required, the absorbent layer may include one or more discrete areas or bands (44) of an absorbed reagent substance through which the reagent and/or carrier liquid and the test substance pass. The medical (or other) condition for which the test is being made is shown as a color or tone change of the absorbent layer as seen through the viewing window.

Analytical test strip
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February 17, 1988
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October 23, 1990
John M Hammond
St Onge Steward Johnston & Reens
CMB Foodcan
G01N 21/00
G01N 31/22
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