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A compact water purification device which is made of concentrically mounted components is provided according to the invention. An anode with a fluid passageway through its interior to provide an anode fluid path is used. A anionic support member is concentrically mounted about the anode and a anionic membrane is mounted to the exterior of the anionic support member. A first fluid passageway between the anionic membrane and the anode is provided. A bead is concentrically mounted about the anionic support member to provide a water purification path and to hold the ion exchange resins therein for contact with the water in the water purification path. Fluid communication is maintained between the water purification path and the anionic membrane. A cationic membrane is concentrically mounted about the exterior of the bead box. Fluid communication is provided between the water purification path and the cationic membrane. A cathode is concentrically mounted about the cationic membrane. A passageway is provided between the cationic membrane and the cathode to define a second fluid passageway. An anolyte waste stream through said anode fluid path and through said first fluid passageway is provided as well as a catholyte waste stream. The resulting device provides a compact effective water purification unit.

Compact low volume water purification apparatus
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October 5, 1988
Publication Date
October 23, 1990
Harry O Hare
Thousand Oaks
Frank Frisenda Jr
James A Quinton
HOH Water Technology
B01D 61/48
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