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An automation and energy management system includes an automation panel box which may be positioned adjacent to a circuit breaker panel box. The automation panel box includes one or more circuit breaker control modules, one or more device control modules and a power module for providing power to the control modules. The circuit breaker control module provides signals to operate motorized circuit breakers, so as to turn on or off the power to a device being managed and the device control module provides signals to control individual appliances. Each of the two control modules is capable of controlling up to eight different circuit breakers or eight different individual devices and each includes a manual override button for each breaker or device controlled, which override button can be manually pressed by a person desiring to override the automation and energy management control. In addition, each of the modules includes status terminals for receiving status signals from the devices being controlled to indicate whether control is to occur or to be overridden. A facility computer generally communicates with the modules over a bus and issues commands to cause certain automatic functions or energy management to occur. The signals on the status lines can override the facility computer signals and the actuation of one of the reset buttons can override either the status signals or the facility controller.

Power management and automation system
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October 13, 1988
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October 16, 1990
Robert J Brown Jr
Boca Raton
Jose W Jimenez
Larry I Golden
Square D Company
G06F 15/20
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