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Thin-walled plastic flower pots are stacked upside down with a plurality of stacks arranged in a preset spaced manner and a loading tray having a number of cavities spaced the same as the stacks of pots formed to receive and hold a pot from each of the stacks is used to lift the pots off the stacks. Each cavity has a horizontal rib located near the bottom for grasping and lifting off the topmost pot in each stack when the tray is placed with the open end of the cavity over each of the corresponding stacks of pots and then pushed gently onto the stacks of flower pots and then lifted off. The flower pots have means for providing a gap between the bottoms of each successive stacked flower pot so that the rib of the cavity grasps the flower pot in the gap between the bottom of the topmost flower pot in the stack and the next lower flower pot.

System for loading thin-walled plastic flower pots onto a loading tray
Application Number
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Application Date
May 25, 1989
Publication Date
October 16, 1990
Marlon E Holmquist
St. Paul
Jacobson and Johnson
T O Plastics
B65D 85/50
B65D 1/34
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