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A method in accordance with the invention comprises passing through a zeolite catalyst as described below, a gaseous stream containing nitrogen oxides, ammonia and oxygen to selectively catalyze the reduction of nitrogen oxides and, if excess or unreacted ammonia is present, to oxidize the excess of unreacted ammonia with oxygen to hydrogen and water. The method includes the use of a zeolite catalyst composition which comprises a metal (e.g., iron or copper) promoted zeolite, the zeolite being characterized by having a silica to alumina ratio of at least about 10 and a pore structure which is interconnected in all three crystallographic dimensions by pores having an average kinetic pore diameter of at least about 7 Angstroms. Promoted zeolites of the above type have demonstrated high tolerance for sulfur poisoning, good activity for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia, good activity for the oxidation of ammonia with oxygen, and the retention of such good activities even under high temperature operations, e.g., 400.degree. C. or higher, and hydrothermal conditions.

Method for reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia using promoted zeolite catalysts
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April 20, 1989
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October 9, 1990
John W Byrne
Engelhard Corporation
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