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A slatted wall or panel assembly which may be easily assembled and possesses substantial structural rigidity as well as an attractive appearance, includes a plurality of structurally-supportive backing members having a plurality of mutually-spaced protruding ears which are generally rigid and which form load-bearing slat supports, and further includes a plurality of slats which are mounted upon the backing member by hanging the slats upon the load-bearing ears in interlocked relation with the ears and with adjacent slats by means of flanged edge extremities extending along each slat. Each pair of adjacent slats collectively defines an L-shaped recess which is adapted to receive therein a substantially L-shaped arm of a display shelf, hook, etc., for mounting display item upon the assembly. The slats are configured to permit manufacture by roll-forming bending operations such that the slats may be of sheet metal construction and economically manufactured in quantity.

Metal slat and wall system utilizing same
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March 14, 1988
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October 9, 1990
Paul J Kosch
15885 Vinecrest, Spring Lake, 49456
Paul Kosch Sr
14925 Boom Rd., Spring Lake, 49456
Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton
A47B 5/00
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