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A circuit arrangement is provided for testing circuit components which are formed as integrated circuits on a common base plate and operable at the base plate by way of common feed lines and input lines. In the circuit arrangement, a testing circuit and switching stages are formed on the same base plate as integrated circuits, the switching stages are controllable by the testing circuit and inserted in connecting lines for connecting the testing circuit to the circuit components, and the testing circuit is equipped with an output circuit for delivering test results. The testing circuit is arranged for testing of the components without any other connections as the power supply connections. This self-testing is achieved by means of a central unit of the testing circuit by comparing of actual and desired values, distinguishing between faulty and faultless components and deciding of the respective functionality of the components in time sequence.

Circuit arrangement for testing integrated circuit components
Application Number
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October 14, 1988
Publication Date
October 2, 1990
Heinz Krug
c/o Akademie Meru, Station 24, NL-6063 Vlodrop
G01R 31/28
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