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A foot prosthesis comprising an elongate composite main member having a leg section and a toe section with one end of the leg section adapted to be connected to an amputation socket and the other end smoothly curving forwardly through an ankle section into the toe section and extending to a toe end, and a heel member extending from the toe end rearwardly generally along the toe section and then diverging from the toe section and extending to a heel tip. The main member and heel member are preferably of one piece construction with continuous fibers of the composite material extending through the main member and around the toe tip and through the heel member. A resilient material, such as rubber, is bonded between the toe section and heel member where the two are generally adjacent and the properties of the resilient material may be made adjustable by the wearer where the toe section and heel member diverge. In making the prosthesis, the uncured composite material is layed up with uncured rubber in desired position and the two materials cured together. It is preferred that the prosthesis device be removably attachable to an amputation socket by means of an aligned recess in the amputation socket which securely accepts the upper end of the leg portion of the main member.

Foot prosthesis and method of making same
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June 6, 1988
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September 25, 1990
John Merlette
1208 E. Mockingbird Ln., Sandy, 84070
Philip A Mallinckrodt
Robert R Mallinckrodt
A61F 2/66
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