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A trash receptacle lining system utilizes a roll of perforated plastic trash bags mounted for rotation on a transverse spindle. In a first embodiment, the spindle may be provided on an originally constructed trash receptacle having open top and bottom ends separated by a transverse slotted partition. The spindle mounts the trash bag roll below the partition and the free end of the trash bag roll is received through the slotted partition into the upper portion of the receptacle. This allows a new trash bag liner to be conveniently installed upon removal of a filled trash bag. A foot pedal actuated braking mechanism may be provided to secure the trash bag roll against rotation during separation of the perforated trash bags. In a second embodiment, the trash bag roll is mounted for rotation on a transversely extending spindle within a trapezoidal housing. The housing has a widest bottom end dimensioned for insertion within a conventional open top-closed bottom trash receptacle. A weighted base of the housing retains the housing securely within the bottom portion of the conventional receptacle.

Trash receptacle lining system
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June 23, 1989
Publication Date
September 11, 1990
Michael A Battaglia
7609 W. Lake St., St. Louis Park, 55426
Jerry T Kearns
B65D 25/16
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