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A system for electronically transmitting data objects such as computer programs with a means for verifying that the computer program was actually received and the terms and conditions of its use accepted by the receiver is presented. In this system, the computer program itself controls the verification for its receipt and acceptance. The sender first modifies the program to be delivered, rendering it non-executable in the form in which it will be received by the user initially. The sender inserts into the program an enabling routine and a verification indicia. The enabling routine is capable of rendering the non-executable program into an executable state if certain prerequisite conditions, contained in the verification and enabling routine, are met. The recipient or receiver inserts or loads the modified, non-executable program into the workstation or computer having a CRT screen display, a printer or the like that allows human observation of certain information that will be presented by the enabling program. The enabling program then displays messages or prompts to the user for entering the user's responses such as acceptance of the terms and conditions of the use of the program. In response to desired indications of acceptance by the user, the enabling program decides whether the prerequisite conditions for enabling the program into an executable form have been met and if they have been met, remodifies the program into a usable, executable form. If the prerequisite conditions are not met or agreed to, the verification and enabling program terminates without rendering the actual program itself into an executable form.

Self-verifying receipt and acceptance system for electronically delivered data objects
Application Number
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October 31, 1988
Publication Date
August 28, 1990
Susanna R Smith
John H Ryder Sr
Edward H Duffield
International Business Machines
H04L 9/00
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