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A method for altering a cell by exchanging a preselected cellular DNA sequence with an exogenous DNA sequence different from the cellular DNA sequence employs an exogenous DNA sequence encapsidated in a polyoma or polyoma-like capsid. The polyoma capsid is then contacted to the cell so that the exogenous DNA sequence is introduced within the cell and exchanges with the preselected cellular DNA sequence by homologous recombination.

A preferred article of manufacture comprises a polyoma capsid and a plurality of DNA sequences encapsulated within the polyoma capsid. The DNA sequences each comprise not more than an incomplete portion of a single preselected gene.

The exogenous DNA sequence may optionally be complexed to a DNA binding protein, such as a recA protein, prior to encapsulating the exogenous DNA sequence within a viral capsid, so that the uptake of the DNA sequence into the capsid is enhanced.

Method for exchanging homologous DNA sequences in a cell using polyoma encapsulated DNA fragments
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January 29, 1987
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August 21, 1990
Wolf Bertling
423 Whitehead Cir., Chapel Hill, 27514
Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson
C12N 7/01
C12N 5/10
C12N 15/00
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