04949951 is referenced by 87 patents and cites 9 patents.

A body building exercise device is provided on a frame with a vertically positioned inverted "U" shaped member pivotally connected to the frame at a median position. The lower ends of the "U" shaped member are connected to a weight stack through a cable and pulley mechanism. Two bar members are connected at one end through a universal connection to the bottom ends of the first member. At the free ends of the bar, gripping means are provided to allow a "dumbbell fly" movement of the bar members to attain constant forward push force level requirements in an equidistant plane in relation to the user's body, independent of the resisting force supplied to the device from the weigh stack.

Body building exercise device
Application Number
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Application Date
October 2, 1989
Publication Date
August 21, 1990
James A Deola
Ladow Ave., Apt. 23A Cumberland Green Apts., Millville, 08332
Thomas A Lennox
A63B 21/00
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