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A patient to be treated for the presence of Campylobacter pylori in the stomach and/or duodenum ingests a quantity of urea and after about 10 minutes exhales into breath collection apparatus to provide a breath sample of alveolar air, collected during the last part of the exhalation. Immediately upon issuing from the patient the expired breath is passed in contact with a preferably solid-state body of alkaline hygroscopic material, e.g. sodium hydroxide, that substantially removes water vapor from the breath but is inert to ammonia in the presence of water. The breath sample, thus dehydrated, is delivered to a sensor which signals the presence of ammonia in it, to indicate presence of C. pylori in the stomach.

Noninvasive diagnosis of gastritis and duodenitis
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May 1, 1989
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August 14, 1990
Lyle H Hamilton
1034 N. 124th Street, Wauwatosa, 53226
Nilles & Nilles S C
A61O 5/08
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