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Apparatus for lifting patients, in particular for lifting and transporting patients in a sitting position or a lying position, the apparatus being of the type comprising: a generally U-shaped moving base (1) constituted by two substantially horizontal parallel arms (1a, 1b) and a transverse element (1c); an elevator column (2) mounted on the transverse element (1c) having a bottom portion (22) fixed to the transfer element, and a top portion or "column head" (20) formed by a telescopic tube moveable in the vertical direction; and support means (S) for supporting the patient; wherein the apparatus includes: a pair of lateral bars (3a, 3b) extending from each side of the elevator column (2), each of the bars being suitable for receiving a substantially horizontal lifting arm (4a, 4b) which extends in a direction parallel to the arms (1a, 1b) in the base, and in the same direction as the arms, the lifting arms (4a, 4b) carrying the support means (S); and mounting and adjustment means connecting the lateral bars (3a, 3b) to the elevator column (2), the means serving firstly to fix the arms to the moving column head (20) of the column (2) and secondly to adjust the heights of the positions of the lateral bars (3a, 3b) relative to the base (1) independently from each other.

Apparatus for lifting patients
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October 18, 1989
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August 14, 1990
Bernard Marchand
4 rue Brindejonc des Moulinais, 35400 Saint-Malo
A61G 7/14
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