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A plastic open-ended generally U-shaped holder (25) has three sides (31, 33 and 35) of suitable area for advertising. The free ends of the legs of the U are bent together and flared out to form a slot (37). This can be parted with the fingers so as to fit over the top edge of a waste basket (38), the handles (40) of plastic grocery bags (26) can be anchored within the attachment in order to suspend said bags in open and upright position for receiving waste for disposal. Holder (25) can also be used when inverted to receive and embrace handles (40) of one or more plastic bags (26) so as to provide a handpiece (25) for comfortable carrying of bags (26) to and from a vehicle. In the vehicle, or elsewhere, the holder holds said handles clustered together so as the prevent rolling and spilling of the contents of said bags during travel. At a destination, the said bags can then be collectively removed and carried to the kitchen with speed and ease. Another holder design (45) has two plastic bag handle anchor points (55 and 42) for selective anchorage of the bag handle. Another holder (61) has two anchor points (65 and 71) for attaching plastic bag handles as well as an easy-to-use channel (64). Two other holders (80 and 88) have tongues with pressure point (81 and 89) which bear against the outer trash basket's wall between reinforcing gussets (41a and 41b) and an inside pressure point (85a and 90) which bear against its inside wall (91). Also, top lugs (80a and 80b) provide alternative anchorage anchor points as well as two other inside wall anchor points (82 and 86) on holder (80).

Holder for hand-carrying plastic bags or supporting same within trash container with bag handle inserted in space under holder
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May 30, 1986
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August 7, 1990
Brian A Brown
San Francisco
Victor H Goulter
San Francisco
David Pressman
David Pressman
B65D 90/04
B65D 33/06
B65D 25/08
B65D 25/22
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