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A mattress assembly for the treatment and prevention of decubitus ulcers and for the treatment of other conditions of the skin and/or underlying tissue. The assembly includes a base support, mattress core disposed on the support and defining a plurality of discrete, air permeable, hydrophobic air cells, and a pair of lateral bolsters disposed adjacent the sides of the mattress core. A top sheet formed of an air and liquid permeable, highly elastic, low friction water wicking material is disposed over the core and bolsters to provide a planar support surface which readily conforms to the irregularities in the topography of the body of a person resting thereon without wrinkling so as to minimize the shear forces acting on the skin and draw moisture away from the skin. A pump or other suitable means is provided for directing air flow through a plurality of controllable valves to and through the cells of the mattress core and top sheet to inflate the cells for supporting a person thereon and maintaining the skin in a properly hydrated condition. A control assembly regulates the air pressure within individual or groups of cells to maintain the contact pressure of the mattress assembly against the skin of a person thereon at a desired level and to facilitate physician and nursing care.

Mattress assembly for the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers
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March 3, 1989
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July 31, 1990
Jack Gorby
525 N. Bellagio Ter., Los Angeles, 90049
Saadia M Schorr
3390 Vista Haven Rd., Sherman Oaks, 91403
Michael N Gold
6222 Mammoth Ave., Van Nuys, 91401
John R Peery
2170 Princeton St., Palo Alto, 94306
Lyon & Lyon
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