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Apparatus for protecting the wearer of a helmet in the form of an elastomeric cellular helmet cover, encased in an integral shell of like material, that can be attached to the exterior of an unmodified helmet, by means of flexible tabs, to reduce the potential for injury to the wearer. The helmet cover is configured so that it is thicker in the area where impact is customarily greater, and greater resilience is provided at these points. The helmet cover is sufficiently thick at the front to protrude forward at the edge of the helmet and a face guard attaching parts. The wearer is therefore protected and those contacted by the helmet during the game are also protected.

Helmet cover
Application Number
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Application Date
May 31, 1988
Publication Date
July 3, 1990
Albert E Straus
3740 Stirrup Dr., Erie, 16506
Dale R Lovercheck
Wayne L Lovercheck
Charles L Lovercheck
A63B 71/10
A42B 3/00
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