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A DC motor is connected to a driveshaft the rotation of which is directly coupled to movement of an exercise member. The DC motor is operated in the current control mode wherein current direction and value through the winding of the motor determines its torque. An encoder is connected to the shaft of the motor to monitor its angular position. A program controlled processor monitors the angular position of the shaft and controls the current to the motor to vary the torque thereof and, thus, the force of resistance or assistance to the exercise member in accordance with preprogrammed values and as a function of angular position. A plurality of encoder/motor assemblies control exercise about a plurality of axes of bodily movement.

Computer controlled exercise system
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March 9, 1988
Publication Date
June 19, 1990
James L McIntosh
4430 W. 109th Pl., Westminister, 80030
Sheridan Ross & McIntosh
A63B 21/005
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