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A modular tile for interlocking with other similar tiles to form a floor covering which provides enhanced traction at its playing surface and improved tolerance to sudden lateral movement. The tile comprises a plastic support grid having rectangular configuration bounded by a perimeter wall and including a repeating pattern of intersecting cross members with interstitial openings formed inbetween. A plurality of support legs are coupled to a base side of the cross junctions in general perpendicular orientation. Interlock structure is coupled to and extends outward from the perimeter wall to enable removable attachment with other modular tiles of similar design. The interlock structure provides a continuous, uniform displacement gap between adjacent perimeter walls which establishes a separation distance between the range of 0.5 to 2 millimeters, and also provides a yielding response to absorb lateral forces. A continuous sheet of plastic provides a flat surface cap to the tile, which enables its use as part of a continuous flat athletic floor covering.

Modular sports tile with lateral absorption
Application Number
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Application Date
February 6, 1989
Publication Date
June 5, 1990
Daniel Kotler
6233 Canyon Cove Cir., Salt Lake City, 84121
E04F 15/02
E01C 5/20
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