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An archery bow of the compound type with eccentrically mounted cam wheels or pulleys, one to carry the bowstring at each end, and one to carry the tension cable at each end. The tension cables are anchored at each end on small grooved discs which retain closed loops at the anchor end of the cables. The discs are centrally perforate to receive and be retained by an axle which also mounts the pulleys. Each disc has a plurality of slotted openings, or notches around a center, terminating in bights which are progressively at different distances from the center. This allows selective tensioning on the tension cables to tune the bow and adjust cable length.

Compound bow with adjustable cable anchor
Application Number
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Application Date
February 14, 1989
Publication Date
May 22, 1990
Rex F Darlington
3540 Darton Rd., Hale, 48739
Barnes Kisselle Raisch Choate Whittemore & Hulbert
F41B 5/00
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