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A computerized gaming apparatus is disclosed in which a card game, such as poker, is electronically simulated on a plurality of individual player consoles. Each of the player consoles is interconnected with a central computer unit which simulates and controls the game, and at the same time, tabulates and displays all betting information for each participant. Each of the player consoles displays all of the player's own cards and either the up-cards of the other players, or the number of cards drawn by the other players (depending upon whether stud or draw poker is being played). The console also allows each player to input certain data to the central computer at specified times during the game.

Computerized gaming system
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March 29, 1988
Publication Date
May 15, 1990
Joseph D H Sidley
1710 Tyvale Ct., Vienna, 22180
Bacon & Thomas
G06F 15/44
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