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A system and method for evaluating responses to broadcast programs, such as television programs, includes an instructional signal modulated onto a voice signal transmitted concurrently with the television program, or time-multiplexed with a television. At each of a plurality of remote receiving stations, one or more members of a remote audience has the opportunity to respond to a situation presented in the television program by entering a response on a keyboard. The system includes, at each remote receiving station, a memory responsive to the instructional signal for storing desired responses, and a comparison circuit for comparing responses entered at the keyboard with those stored in the memory. Also provided is electronic circuitry for scoring the responses in accordance with commands from the instructional signal, and a recording device for providing a permanent record of the audience score at each of the remote receiving stations. Scoring is performed at differing levels of difficulty, set by a host or by a contestant, with credit being given also to the length of time required for response and the mode of response such as by use of a key word or phrase.

System for evaluation of response to broadcast transmissions
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May 10, 1988
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May 15, 1990
Henry Von Kohorn
945 Treasure La., Vero Beach, 32963
Perman & Green
H04H 9/00
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