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A video game controller which attaches to the user's upper body allowing the user to play a video game by leaning the upper body in any direction, simulating the movement of a joystick. The controller attaches to the user's upper back with an arrangement of straps and buckles. The tilt of the user's upper body is detected by an array of mercury switches with the resultant electrical signals being transmitted to the input of a video game. The specific angle of tilt required to actuate the mercury switches can be adjustable, thereby varying the degree of upper body movement needed to play a particular video game. Additional controls for the video game, such as a firing control, are provided by a hand held pushbutton attached to the controller via a flexible cord. Playing a video game using this arrangement results in vigorous exercise of the abdominal, back and lateral muscles.

Body-mounted video game exercise device
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January 13, 1989
Publication Date
May 15, 1990
Thomas F Braeunig
1805 Pilgrim St., S.E., Salem, 97302
G09G 3/02
A63B 23/00
A63B 71/00
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